How Can I Deploy My Cloud App to PROD


We are developing Plugin for Cloud Jira Software. We do our development with “Spring Boot”. We can test it through Ngrok in development processes. However, we cannot find a clear solution about which technology we should use when importing our application to PROD.

In our research, we found the Heroku solution. Our trials on Heroku continue, but there are a few questions that come to mind.

  1. Is Heroku really an adequate and useful solution for the PROD version of our app?
  2. How to manage data in tables for each user who downloads the application when Heroku or other solutions are used for database operations. The end result will be a common database and table. Each user’s transactions will be written to this table.
  3. Is there a detailed document that we can follow while creating the PROD version of our application?

Yes, you can safely use Heroku for PROD versions of your app. A lot of Atlassian Marketplace Partners are using Heroku. I think it is safe to say that (ten)thousands of Jira instances have at least one app installed that runs on Heroku, with hundred-thousands/millions of active users.

Now regarding the database: this is a separate topic on it’s own. There are Marketplace Partners that use a single database (with row-level security policies), others use a database instance per tenant. In the end, it is up to you to decide which solution works best for your operation.

Given that the premise of Atlassian Connect is that you are responsible for hosting the app, there are currently no official documents available from Atlassian in regard to setting up your environment. There are however some guidelines that you will need to adhere to, specifically security requirements. It helps to review these requirements before choosing your hosting solution.