How can I get the content of my forge extension?

Hey there,

I’m trying to get the content of my Forge app. I tried next solutions:

  1. Get content by ID requests (, but here i have strange xml content, without body content. (like at the next picture)

  2. Get macro body by macro ID (, it works but only for macros apps. I was shocked to learn that macros and confluence-macro-ui-kit (installation option by command forge create) not the same. Like at this picture: i downloaded macro application, but why my application created by command forge create have not the same structure?

How can I get the body content of my forge extension?
help me pls, i wasted a lot of time for it…

Hi @Mike7,

What is the use case you’re trying to achieve?

Not all the content of a forge macro gets stored in the page, however there might be another way to achieve what you’re after.


I am trying to create content in one extension, and through another extension to get this content and display.

As a example: Atlassian Marketplace.

Hi @Mike7, Apologies for the delay in responding on this thread.

Did you manage to find a solution that works for you?

If not, we recently added support for Forge macro exports as was announced here -

It might help in this use case.