How can I link a user of a JIRA connect app to a user on my system?

When a Connect app is installed, the installed callback payload contains a clientKey, but no other way to correlate the installing user to users on my system.

If the descriptor is static and cannot contain dynamic data, what’s the best way to do this?

I don’t think there is a way to get the information on who installed an app. It’s going to have to be an admin in any case. What’s your use case?

If you’re looking for a way to let users connect their Jira to your own system and don’t need all the features of a full-blown connect app (i.e. rest access would be enough), maybe 3LO apps are a better fit for you:

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I really only need REST API data for now, nothing fancy.

I was scared away by the big blue “beta” notification on the page you linked to, but as far as I can determine, for public cloud apps, 3LO (or basic auth) is the only way to allow me to correlate JIRA users with users on my system.

I note that it is possible to do this if some data could be passed in via a dynamically generated descriptor, which is possible for user-installed apps in development mode. Nothing like that seems to be possible for static descriptors though.

As far as I recall, 3LO apps have been in beta for some time now (that document has been last updated almost a year ago. And sure, you’ll still have to be greenlit. But Atlassian have been using them with some of their own integration themselves. Haven’t worked with 3LO myself, but they’re usually very happy if people with a valid and good use case (which yours seems to be) test their beta stuff and give them feedback :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mess with dynamic descriptors, that sounds like a sure-fire way of generating some awkward questions during marketplace approval.

Hi @JordanGlassman,

Connect apps can only be installed by an admin. If your app has UI, you can use the JavaScript getCurrentUser API ( to find out who uses your app after installation.

Otherwise, you’re better off using 3LO, especially if you’re only using the REST API. While it’s still labeled “Beta” and doesn’t yet have webhook functionality, there are still plenty of stable 3LO apps shipped in our ecosystem :slight_smile:


You have now closed the 3LO app process and we have exactly the same needs mentioned above (linking a user of a JIRA connect app to a user on our system), do you see any alternative or do we stop integrating Jira on our platform?