How can I prevent a user from deleting a Jira Cloud project from an add-on?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there’s a way to prevent a user from executing an action through the admin UI in Jira Cloud, (say, deleting a project my add-on has previously created) somehow capturing the request in my add-on and preventing it from happening… maybe?

I’m looking for something like a before-delete-webhoook with confirmation, if that makes any sense!

In Jira Server I’m able to do that through a servlet-filter + the url of the undesired action, but I can’t seem to find something alike in Jira Cloud :confused:

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Hi @MarianoRapaport,

Your question does make sense, however, Jira doesn’t support the reading of Connect webhook responses to validate certain actions because this can lead to reliability issues.


Hi @dmorrow,

I imagined those were both the case and reason why it didn´t support it, but better be safe than sorry!



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