How can I resolve a comment using REST API, how can I know if a comment is resolved also


I’m trying to use REST APIs to create comments. It works (POST /wiki/rest/api/content).

No, I want to resolve that comment. I don’t know how (PUT /wiki/rest/api/content/{id} doesn’t look like it can do it)

Also, I cannot get resolved status of a comment (GET /wiki/rest/api/content/{id}/child/comment?expand=extensions.resolution) doesn’t work

Please help

For the sake of other people that may be searching for an answer to this problem, I was able to resolve inline comments with a Confluence Cloud API endpoint as follows:

PUT /wiki/rest/api/content/{commentId}
  id: {commentId},
  type: 'comment',
  version: { number: {currentVersion} + 1 },
  body: {
    storage: {
      value: {currentBody},
      representation: 'storage'
  extensions: {
    location: 'inline',
    resolution: {
      status: 'resolved'

Before making that call in your preferred language, fetch the existing content to retrieve currentVersion and currentBody so the request above will properly bump the version and keep the comment content unchanged.