How can I use the AUI dialog 2?

Hey guys!

I’ve tired the AUI dialog2 code from here:
but this code doesn’t work when I click the button! I’ve tried this code in a Velocity Template with a webwork module -> doesn’t work
and also with a Servlet which also does not work? What am I doing wrong?

I have also “imported” all of this:

Hope anybody can help me :slight_smile:

Hi alexp.

I’m new in Jira development and I’m trying to use the Dialog 2 too, but I’m having some issues. In my case, I trying to refactor some old plugin from 3.X version. in this particular plugin, I create a new entry (web-item) in the issue operations (button More) with a link to a webwork action. The objective is open a popup to fill some data before send an email.

<web-item name="Incident Report Email" i18n-name-key="" key="incident-email" section="incident-report-section" weight="1000">
	<description key="incident-email.description">The Incident Email Plugin</description>
	<label key="incident-email.label" />
	<link linkId="incident-email-link">/secure/MailAction!default.jspa?issueid=${}</link>		
<webwork1 key="incident-email-webwork" name="Ponctual Mail" i18n-name-key="">
	<description key="incident-email-webwork.description">The Incident Email Webwork Plugin</description>
		<action name="com.trk.jira.webwork.MailAction" alias="MailAction">
			<view name="input">/templates/incident-mail/ponctualMail.vm</view>

This open a new page, created by velocity template and not a popup. Meanwhile I found this link, and I could open a popup using only styleClass tag with trigger-dialog value.

Now, I’m trying to customize the popup, but I could find any documentation about this. Use dialog 2 does not work until now. The sample in the AUI documentation works only removing the styleClass tag from atlassian-plugin.xml.

If you find a answer for that, I will appreciate.

hello, you may use these dependences in your atlassian-plugin.xml ,I 've successfully use aui- select2 through these dependences



Thanks very much :slight_smile: