How can I use the markerRef of inline comments properties?

When I expand inlineProperties on a GET /wiki/rest/api/content/${contentId}/child/comment request, then I get inline properties for comments that include a m̀arkerRef`, supposedly the position of the comment in the text, like

 "markerRef": "0c716a8a-fd60-4a4a-b626-91aad2e27c3a",

How can I use this? Ideally to jump to this position.

I’m also interested in this. My specific scenario, I am developing tooling that copies pages from one confluence instance to another, including comments, labels. attachments of a given page.

When attempting to add an inline comment using ReST to a newly created page, you need to specify a number of linlineProperties, however the GET request on the original page does not return these properties, it just returns markerRef.

I need properties such as described here :
How do we add an in-line comment to Confluence con...

e.g. numMatches, matchIndex, serializedHighlights and lastFetchTime.

Can markerRef be used to get these details for an inline comment ?

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Also Feature request:
[CONFSERVER-43583] Ability to get the status of inline comments through REST API - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products.