How can to install 'atlassian-webpanels-webpack-plugin' for atlascamp-2018-plugin?

Unfortunately I started with the bonus. This was not a good idea. Then I started step by step.

YouTube Video
#Tim Sebastian did a real great job :smiley:. Thank you Tim.

With the start at the beginning of the lessons I have more success. Until point 7.2 was every thing okay.
For now, that’s enough for me.

The follow points failt:

  • STEP 8.1: add provided dependencies (atlassian/libs/underscore-1.4.4) –> JS exception no lib
  • BONUS: remove webpanel
  • BONUS: a new webpanel plugin
  • STEP 9.1: BONUS: remove context dependent injection –> see below

I try example atlascamp-2018-plugin
I used the master.

If I call ‘atlas-run’ then a error occur: Cannot find module ‘atlassian-webpanels-webpack-plugin’

How can to install ‘atlassian-webpanels-webpack-plugin’?

[INFO] --- exec-maven-plugin:1.6.0:exec (process-static-resources) @ atlascamp-2018-plugin ---
yarn run v1.15.2
$ webpack --config src/main/frontend/build/webpack.config.js
throw err;

Error: Cannot find module 'atlassian-webpanels-webpack-plugin'
at Function.Module._resolveFilename (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:582:15)
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Hi Michael,

Great to see you giving the atlassian-webresource-webpack-plugin a try and liking it!

About 8.1
If you dont mind, can you show how you are defining your provided dependencies?
This step should just work for libraries in the example.

About Step 9 - the Bonus:
The plugin described as “atlassian-webpanels-webpack-plugin” was mostly a thought experiment and a show case of what will be possible in the future.
Sadly there is no way to install this plugin as of now.
However I am happy to tell you that there is development being done in this direction as we speak.
It will, however, take some more time before we have something we are confident enough in to release.

Thanks again for your interest and we will keep you posted once we have something to show for!

Tim Sebastian

Hey @tsebastian,

glad you’re active and try to address those issues.
I’ve recently changed a job and now I work with atlassian products. As you mentioned at the atlascamp (seen the video), it’s really difficult for new era fe devs to understand all of the archeological stuff that’s needed to build plugins as we are used to do things really different.

I’m now working on my first plugin and I found out I can avoid java (and its apis) almost at all. For some backend functionality I made custom endpoints with rest-service-plugin and use builtin rest apis for the rest. I want to use vue with single component files, but there’s the context thing, velocity and webfragments, which might need to be referenced as static files/templates. Have to learn about those things a bit more I guess :smiley:

As I understand you want to make it possible to move all of those context/webpanel definitions directly to webpack (separate plugins) right? What’s the roadmap? It may sound dumb, but I’m really overwhelmed by all those things that are atlassian specific.