How can use log4j2 api to create my own log4j configuration with in the plugin?

I am planning to customize the log4 for specific jira plugin. Is it possible to create the new configuration with programmatically using log4j2 api?

It seems it supports only slf4j-api and slf4j-log4j. I tried but not able to use the log4j2-api and log4j2-core.

please give me few suggestions to proceed further.

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Hi @kiran.muthoju :wave: Are you trying to contact Atlassian support? Or do you wish to get the community, who are volunteering their time to help each other out, to assist you with your problem and share their experiences? I can’t really tell based on the somewhat demanding tone of your message :wink:

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apologies. some what hurry. thanks for the notice. I will change.