How do i access properties of issue using the issue context variable?

I am trying to print properties of issue using “issue” context variable in Forge. But i am getting undefined response for everything excluding key and id. Can anyone help me with the code?

export const validate = args => {

const issueKey = args.issue.key;

return {
result: issueKey.startsWith(‘PRO’),
errorMessage: ‘Only PRO project can use this flow’

this is the code i have used.

Hey, I don’t think you can access the properties of an issue using the context. You will have to use API endpoint for that,

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Thank you so much for your response. Actually what i am trying to achieve is “capturing values input by user on the transition screen”. I am under the impression that properties can do that. I tried the api as suggested by you but i am getting an empty dictionary as { keys: }

export const run = async ({ issue, transition: { from, to } }) => {
const response= await api.asApp().requestJira(route/rest/api/3/issue/${issue.key}/properties);
const data= await response.json();

Is there a way to capture data on transition screen using api?