How do I filter list of commits from REST API v2

Hi, Now it’s 2022 , Any update on this?

Without filtering commits the rest API is practically unusable.

2023 is calling, wondering how far this request has come :eyes:

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+1 already 2024. Is anyone here looking at all these comments? @sfarley

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @DhavalKotecha,

It seems the last set of comments on this thread indicate the incorrect expectation that this is a feature request or a bug report. I don’t think the right team or person will even see this latest annual comment. I’m going to recommend opening a bug with developer support and I’m going to close this thread on the principle that anyone else who has this problem should do the same and/or watch, vote, or comment on the public issue that results. If there is such a bug, let me know (direct message is fine) and I’ll happily post it here so people know where to go. Otherwise, these “+1” messages aren’t going to do anything.

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