How do I get an in-principle green light for an app idea for the bitbucket marketplace?

I’d like to release an app that I made for myself and was wondering if the Atlassian team would accept it but I couldn’t find any channels for getting in contact with someone.

Anybody have any ideas? (@evzijst ?)

Coming from the world of Shopify, I’m not sure how things work around here, but over there I used to at least get a “Yes, go build that, we’d love to have that on our marketplace” or a “No”. I’d rather not expend any effort if the idea is going to be rejected :slight_smile:

@xeus.hack AFAIK we don’t really offer guidance on what you should or shouldn’t build for the Marketplace (except the usual don’t build anything evil :grinning:).

If you decide to go ahead with your app, you can get it listed in the Marketplace by following these instructions:

Bitbucket Cloud does not offer paid apps yet, so that part does not apply.

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The only “limitation/restriction” is Marketplace Partner Agreement | Atlassian