How do i get space key from spaceid in confluence server

I am Getting the Space id from the webhook payload created using the REST APIS given .Refer to this doc :-

Webhook Payload :-

“timestamp”: 1650607676259,
“event”: “space_updated”,
“space”: {
“id”: XXXXXX,
“creatorKey”: “XXXXXXXXXX”,
“creationDate”: 1648588938819,
“lastModifierKey”: “XXXXXXX”,
“modificationDate”: 1650607676259

Now to Get the other Information about the Space I need the space key . Using Rest APIs how can i get the space key and other informations about the space from spaceid.

I have created a webhook using this doc

This webhook is delivering this payload at the url i have given in the body while making the webhook and subscribed to space related events .

You can see the this kind of payload under this heading in the below doc

Event payloads

Now i need to get the other information about the space but all the apis in this doc require spaceKey rather than spaceid .I required some kind of Api to get the space key from space id because i am only getting the space id here rather than space key.