How do i get the Payload of the event in Jira Forge app?

I am using avi:jira:updated:issue event and i want the payload for using that data. Where can i get that from?

Hello, @SomaliBanerjee,

The payload is the first argument of your handler function. Try this:

export async function eventHandler(payload, context) {
    console.log(JSON.stringify(payload, null, 2));
    return true;
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@kkercz I have an issue in my event handler when I call the api from my resolver (401 needs Authentication). Any idea how I can fix this and let my handler read the title and description of the issue?

Using avi:jira:created:issue, and avi:jira:updated:issue to trigger this handler btw.

Thanks in advance!

Wild guess, perhaps your current user does not have access to that issue?

The example in:
uses .asApp() instead of .asUser().

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Thank you so much! This did the trick!

what I was looking for!

How do you call this resolver? I am trying to do the same thing I can’t make it work.