How do I identify repositories with git-lfs enabled?

Looks like I don’t have access to GitLfsService(4.10). So how do mere mortals divine this information?

Hi Justin,

There is no current public/stable Java API via which plugins can determine if “Git LFS is enabled” on a repository.

Would be interested to know your use case, because the state of that setting may not mean exactly what you want.

If “Git LFS is enabled” for a specific repository all that means is LFS upload will be accepted. LFS downloads will still function and just because it the not enabled today, doesn’t mean it was always that way and as such there may actually be LFS content in the repository.

So if you are writing a plugin that has some LFS specific functionality, it maybe that you need to always assume LFS content is present.


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I want to key off of it so that when I auto create bamboo plans I know to check “Enable LFS support” in the repo config.