How do I receive an event and update a jira glance? (jira cloud connect - javascript)

I successfully configured a “jiraIssueGlance” in the module descriptor json and the label and icon are visible. Now, I’m looking for the next step where I get an event somehow and somehow populate the content portion of the glance with the results of a REST call.

feel free to guide me to existing documentation or tutorials. Just can’t seem to find this next step on the developer site.

Or feel free to suggest another approach. Perhaps I need a webhook?


I am new to jira connect development. The getting started example was easy and straightforward. Now looking for documents/tutorials on how to do something real where I show information pertaining to an epic and it’s underlying stories. I’m comfortable with REST and javascript programming, but am missing something when it comes to all the pieces needed to create a useful extension.

The extension I’m creating needs to show elements on epics and traverse underlying stories and add up story points while looking at story status.