How do I report a Jira bug?


I’d like to create a bug but:

  1. No rights to create a ticket at
  2. Can’t create one at as I do use 10users starter license
  3. seems irrelevant
  4. seems irrelevant

So what are my options.
I’m a marketplace vendor.

Best Regards


Yep Atlassian has made it really difficult to actually report bugs for people that actually could report valuable bugs.

You can do it from here for non-related vendor support:

You need to answer the first question (dropdown). It’s not that obvious.

My recommendation is to open a ticket with option 3. This way the Developer Support team can help triage the bug and find the appropriate team to report the bug on your behalf.


Sounds good to me :slight_smile:

Just for future readers, actually sent me here to report bugs for anything during plugin development: