How do I send data from bitbucket merge check to client-web-panel?

Hi. I am trying to create a bitbucket merge check plugin. The plugin sucessfully stops merges but I want to add a client-web-panel to display more data about why the merge check failed and to do that I need to send this data from the merge check .java file with the preUpdate function to the client-web-panel. How would I go about doing that? Thank you in advance.

Hi @MatthewWeisfeld,

Are you implementing a RepositoryMergeCheck to stop the merge? If so, when you return RepositoryHookResult.rejected you can pass it a message to display in the merge check dialog.

Hope that helps,

Hi. I am implementing a RepositoryMergeCheck and returning simple information on why the merge was blocked with RepositoryHookResult.rejected. However, I would like to show more in depth information about why the merge was blocked along with links in a client-web-panel. I already have the panel set up but I am using hard coded data instead of data from the merge check. I need to send that data from the merge check to the client-web-panel and have been unable to figure out how to do that. Thank you.

For those wondering I figured out how to do this, I added a Rest service that the javascript calls.