How do I setup a variable length table component that is programmatically created?

I’m breaking my head about this one:

I’d like to display a Table. The Table contains a variable number of rows of individual Cell+Text components. The editor of the page must be able to to edit the table (also grow and shrink it), a reader should not be able to change it.

Using MacroConfig to do something like add/delete individual rows seems to be out of the question, e.g. I can’t add buttons there.

I’ve invested in standard UI Kit, so moving to setting up an Custom UI page is a ‘solution’ that means I have to rewrite everything and that is probably the end (failure) of the project… So, I need to stay inside the UI Kit for this.

What can I do?

Are you happy with as is?

From what I understand you are trying to add some UI for the editor to increase the table size, such as a + button?

Yes. The editor must be able to add/remove rows and edit them