How do I show/hide a webpanel depending on the workflow status?

I would like to show my custom webpanel when my entity is at a specific state in the workflow.
I prefer to use descriptor at the atlassian-connect.json (condition), if possible.
Tried using EntityPropertyEqualToCondition but could not figure out how to properly check for the workflow status
Appreciate any thoughts and examples.

You’re on the right track. There isn’t a condition property available so you’ll have to listen to it your self. So… Add a web hook where you’re intercepting all of the issue updates (you can even add properties here to filter down to specific user, project etc using conditions).

That web hook then adds a property on the issue which in turn you can then use with EntityPropertyEqualToCondition.

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Daniel, thank you for the followup. could you point me to an example of using EntityPropertyEqualToCondition to check for a value of a property in atlassian-connect.json, please?

There is such an example under Property conditions in the Connect doco.