How do I specify the space in which the list view component is shown?

I am building an add-on that needs to be installed into a single space. I would like to define the space inside of the connect descriptor, but I am struggling to implement this using conditions.

Am I going about this wrong?

I have tried to add a condition for checking the spaceKey inside of uiSupport.listViewComponent.conditions. The documentation does not say much about describing the install location for the list view component.

I found this post (Conditionally show custom content listViewComponent in space sidebar) that mentions dynamically allocating the list view component based on a space property, but I don’t need to dynamically assign the component.

What condition should I use? space_property_is_equal_to_context?

How are you determining the single space? Via its ID?

If you have a property that you’re trying to match for then I’d imagine space_property_equal_to would work. Something like:

  "condition": "space_property_equal_to",
  "params": {
    "id": {space_id}

Can you share what you’ve tried already and what errors, if any, you received?