How do I upload a custom gadget?

I’m very new to JIRA dev and I’m working on an in-house dev project to see if we can develop our own custom gadgets for JIRA. We’re currently running an instance of Jira Software 8.12.0. I have a gadget built locally with atlas-run that I want to try to run in our JIRA Instance online but I don’t see a way to upload the jar I developed. Is there a way to upload my jar or is this something that has to be hosted and linked to via the gadget xml?

In your Jira DC/server instance you can go to Administration -> Manage apps -> Manage apps.
There you can find a “Upload app” option which will accept a plugins jar file or a URL to jar file.

You can also get there by quickly pressing period key . and searching for Manage apps if you have admin rights you should see the option

I had gone there before and the “Upload app” button and menu below it was not there. One of my co-workers informed me that it was showing up on Firefox but not Chrome which I confirmed so now I have access to it. Any reason why that would happen?

I am working with @vince92079 on this. In my case I can see the upload app button but that is not what we want. We want to upload a “Gadget” used for the dashboard.

AFAIU from this guide Writing gadgets for Jira, a Gadget is part of an “App” (formerly known as “plugin”).

  • Navigate to src/main/resources/ and open the app descriptor file called atlassian-plugin.xml .
  • Add module declaration for the gadget spec:
    <gadget key="tutorial-gadget" name="JIRA Tutorial Gadget" location="gadget.xml"/>
    A gadget is a module in atlassian-plugin.xml , like any other Jira module

You have created this “Gadget” using atlas-create-jira-plugin or similar right?
I don’t think there is a way (at least I’m not aware of) to create/install a Gadget directly without it being part of an “App”