How do you identify free users vs license expired users for cloud apps?

We released first version of some apps for free, kind of beta release. After apps were stable, we changed to paid version. Now we cannot identify users whether they signed up for free version or paid version.

  • lic parameter in request is none in both cases: lic=none
  • We still want to allow users to continue using our apps who signed up for free version because they helped us to test the apps
  • We need to disable features or show license warning for users whose license expired but still use the apps.

Achieving this seems to be impossible because request parameter sent to connect apps is same in both cases: lic=none

How do you work around this issue?

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I have the exact same problem - the lic parameter doesn’t provide enough information about the installation. It is also unclear how to migrate users from legacy free versions to the paid version.

It also seems that there is an undocumented case where lic=none can also be a trial user where Atlassian hasn’t provisioned a trial license for. I tried to add a warning for lic=none users that they need to upgrade to the paid version and found out this was displayed to a newly installed user :frowning:.

One suggestion would be to support additional context parameters for license type and plugin version.