How do you offer a power-up without submitting it to the power-up marketplace?

It’s a great thing to be able to submit your power-up to the marketplace. But what if your power-up might be:

  • developed and customized for specific clients
  • available only in specific countries

…thus making the power up unsuitable for the power-up marketplace?

How would your implementation look like and so on?

Suggestion: To still be able to use the marketplace ecosystem, developers maybe should be able to select if the power-up is public or private (for specific users, businesses).

We have a lot of teams that have customized, private Power-Ups that are built specifically for the way their team operates and we love it! We don’t expect, or even want, all Power-Ups to be submitted to be made publicly available. We’re happy to have teams building custom-fit Power-Ups to help their teams work better together. In fact, I, and others on the Trello team, use custom Power-Ups regularly to help us get our work done.

There is nothing special that a developer must do to leave their Power-Up private. Private Power-Ups are the default. Developers only need to submit the Power-Up for review if they want to make it publicly available.

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Thanks for the answer!

But imagine this: I’ve built a power-up, sold it to different companies and now need to “install” it for them.

In order to do that the company needs to add me to their group so I can set up the power-up with the capabilities, iframe connector and so on. It would be great to allow them to easily install the power-up they bought by themself just like a public power-up (without the power-up being public of course and without the need to configure power-up settings).

Now there’s a few drawbacks with this approach:

  • They will need to give me access to their boards, exposing their contents.
  • They will need to remove me afterwards as every user is equal to a cost (if they have Trello business or enterprise)
  • They will need to add me to the group again if I need to add new capabilities as my power-up continues to develop.

All of these things could be dealbreakers for some.

I’m just looking for an easy way to work with private power-ups and clients :upside_down_face:

Thanks for sharing all of this! We have had something along these lines in our backlog for awhile now. I’ll add a link to this thread to the card.

As you’ve mentioned, there isn’t an easy way to share a custom Power-Up with a client right now. You’d need access as an admin on their team ( :scream:) or would have to write a long list of instructions to explain how to register a custom Power-Up themselves. I think most people trying to do this currently go with the latter option. But, again, not ideal. Hopefully something we can improve in the future!

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Thanks! In the end you just want to know if this approach Is appreciated by HQ or frowned upon.

Im pleased to hear that you have it in the backlog. That’s a good start!