How does macro content propegate to the confluence page from the preview box?

I am fairly inexperienced with web development so I am fumbling my way through a lot of this. I followed a tutorial to apply a color change to content within a page. I have modified this to suit my needs by generating content to be added to the page.

Within my preview, I see the content I wish to be added to the page. But when I press “Insert”, all it does is add an empty content box to the page. I don’t know what is needed to make this data actually flow correctly. Am I using the wrong macro type? Do I need to return this data manually?

This is traditionally how a Confluence Macro works in edit mode, visitors will see what is shown in preview when you publish the page. The upcoming new editor will be WYSIWYG, you might already be able to see it in blog posts.

What do you mean by flowing the data correctly? If you mean controlling size of live macro in the upcoming new editor, here’s a blog post on that: Introducing live macros to support a new editing experience in Confluence Cloud - Atlassian Developer Blog

Wow … So I guess it was working the whole time. Egg on my face.
Thank you.

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