How long does it take to get 3LO approval?

I raised a request in Jira Service Management to get my 3LO app approved for public usage. That was over 2 weeks ago and I have not had a response.

Does anyone know how long it takes to get approval?

And is there any way to speed up the process?

I have paying clients waiting to use it :frowning:



It usually takes 2-3 weeks to get response on Ecosystem tickets, sometimes longer. There were tasks were we had to wait for 6 months though (it is not a joke).

Thanks - sadly that is what I was beginning to suspect

Hi @Admin2,

Apologies for this. We were busy with AtlasCamp and are aware of pending backlogs. We are trying to get back on track by next week. Can you please share your ticket here so that I can help you out immediately?


I think you found my ticket and I have responded to the questions I got there



@aagrawal2 I’m facing the same issue. We have clients waiting on this and I haven’t seen any movement on the ticket for 2 weeks now. Is there any way to get traction on these approvals or expedite?

@AlexNelson Have just replied to your ticket :slight_smile:

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@aagrawal2 We’re also experiencing the same issue, WRT to DEVHELP-4231. This integration is key to our core product and being delayed by 2 weeks (and counting) is really hindering our ability to innovate on behalf of the Atlassian customers.

How can we get traction on the ticket and/or expedite its approval?

If you need any additional information, please feel free to DM me or setup a call. I will happily work around your schedule to get our issue resolved.


@leomen we are in the similar situation as you are. We are now waiting 10 days to get feedback on DEVHELP-4295.

@aagrawal2 is there any chance that this will be resolved in the following days?

Hi all,

We are also in the same situation here…we really need this integration before going live! @aagrawal2 would you mind having a look? DEVHELP-4291

Thank you very much!

We are in the same boat :slight_smile: Fingers crossed. DEVHELP-4276


Hi Anmol, we have been waiting for 3 weeks now. Could you check on our ticket? Jira Service Management

:pray:Thank you so much!

@aagrawal2 We have been waiting for more than a month now: Jira Service Management

Can you please take a look and approve. Thanks!

Hey guys,

Any feedback from the Jira Team? I’ve reached out Atlassian Support on Twitter here is the answer I have received a week ago :
“Thanks for your patience here—our team is working through some changes to this process, which explains the delay you’re experiencing. We’ve flagged your request with the team. Please stay tuned for an update from them!”

I hope they will solve this soon as we have important deadlines coming…
@akassab @pvandevoorde could you guys please help us on this topic?
thank you very much!

Maybe @dmorrow can help us here too?
Thanks a lot!

First, let me start by acknowledging and apologizing for the delays in reviewing applications for 3LO apps. In all honesty, we built and shipped core 3LO capabilities without completing various other tasks that would allow self-enrollment of apps. The team is now largely focussed on Forge which leaves little capacity to complete these tasks. I believe that Forge, especially as it continues to be harmonized with Connect, will provide all the capabilities of 3LO and much more, so I would encourage you to explore whether this is a viable alternative for you now.

However, to address the concerns raised in this thread, the team has committed to making a decision about how to proceed with the 3LO program and will post a followup announcement by May 1, 2020.

Until this decision is made, we plan to pause our review of requests for 3LO apps submitted from this moment. We will, however, review the requests that have already been submitted.

Hi @aagrawal2, we’ve been waiting for a long time (since 14/Feb). Could you check on our ticket please #4173 - Jira Service Management?

@dmorrow said in the last announcement that will be reviewing the requests that have already been submitted. We’ve a lot of customers waiting for it. :slight_smile:

Thank you guys.

Hi guys,

Thanks @aagrawal2. As explained by @dmorrow I understand our ticket can still be validated. It is super important for us to have our app reviewed as not being able to release our v1 with the 3LO would be a huge impact to our release schedule. Can you please let us know when it would be possible?
Thank you

You guys should have updated the Integration Guide, before deciding to pause reviews. It keeps telling developers to use OAuth 2.0 3LO then we spend the time integrating, come deployment we hit this big wall that you guys have paused reviewing non-Connect apps indefinitely? This is very disappointing and inconsiderate to developers building apps integrating with atlassian products. Atlassian should fix this or at least provide some work around.

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I’m in the same boat over here. We’re waiting for almost 3 weeks now to get our application approved, related ticket is available here: Jira Service Management. Is there a rough timeline about when we can expect this application to actually be made live?

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