How long does it take to get approval from Atlassian?

We sent our Timbo app for the review more than 1.5 week ago and still there are no any responses from Atlassian team.

We had to move our product deadlines as this stopped us releasing a new important piece of functionality.
So it would be great if someone from Atlassian team could say when the app could be finally approved and published so we can manage the expectations.



I’m really really sorry to break it to you, but I’m afraid the average waiting time for app approval is 3-4 weeks. Also, you will not receive any intermittent updates, nor any estimates on when your approval request will be processed. There is no queue (as in, a ticker saying “there are 501 waiting approvals in front of you”), no timeline, no communications. Nothing.

At this point, most vendors just start the approval process with a blank app, before they do QA, maybe even before they start working on some important feature. Basically a placeholder release. And they select the option for the app to not be automatically published upon approval.

That way, you can get in front of the queue as soon as possible, while you still work on your app, marketing material, documentation, etc. No need for the app to be completely polished to start the approval process.

Halas, that’s to late for you now. So you’ll just have to sit back and enjoy the ride.

We’re waiting for the approval for more than a month. And still there’re no any updates.
I’m completely disappointed in the Atlassian approach. Looks like nobody in the Atlassian QA team cares.

Good stuff, guys.
You know how to make your clients happy.

Hi @SlavaBulko, did you get approved yet? I submitted two apps - with one of them I got an automated email stating that after 10 working days they will start the review, the other has no response and I can’t view the ticket on the portal.

Can you view your ticket or does it say you don’t have the permissions to view it?

Hi @SlavaBulko, Did you get any response?

I’ve been waiting for the response for a month. I also got auto email that app is going to be reviewed soon.

Are there any ideas how to reach Atlassian team and get app approved?

Thanks in advance!

So… let me chime in again. I’ve been doing this for over 8 years now. Trust me. You just need to wait. I understand it’s frustrating, but rest assured, your app will be reviewed granted that you received an AMKTHELP ticket.

If there is no ticket, you should immediately contact Atlassian Marketplace support

If you did get a ticket for your submission, just hang tight, just like the rest of us. If you want to vent your frustrations, and get emotional support from other Marketplace Partners, you can sign up for the unofficial Atlassian Marketplace Partner slack workspace here:


@remie, please send another link. The above says the token was revoked, thanks