How many issue properties I can create?

I remember that the limit was 100. Is it still true?


@maciej.dudziak - I’ve got an issue with several hundred (629 to be exact) issue properties. I don’t know what the upper limit is, but we’ll ask the Jira eng team.


@nmansilla That would be awesome!

I think the issue at hand is that the documentation states that app properties has a limit of 100:

But there is no limit stated for other properties. Could the docs be updated to reflect if there is a difference?


I don’t think there is a hard limit on the number of Jira or Confluence entity properties. App properties, Jira entity properties and Confluence entity properties have separate implementations and slightly different semantics from one another. Embarrassingly, I recently wrote a Forge app that stored a vast amount of Confluence entity properties. They were all associated with a single page and I observed a few timeouts as I was deleting the page which I assumed was due to the cleanup of the entity properties. Consequently, I would caution an app design that stores vast numbers of entity properties.


Can we verify the behavior through so that we don’t start relying on non-supported behaviors…


Good call. I’ve started the process of adding a note to the documentation to say it’s unlimited. I’ve added a Jira ecosystem engineer to the review to check that this is indeed correct.


That could change our implementation entirely and solve many of our problems :slight_smile:

The documentation changes are now in the pipeline. The following additional statement will appear in the Entity properties guide:

Apps can store an unlimited number of entity properties against an entity.


Thank you!!! :slight_smile: