How often is the cloud updated with latest Atlaskit components?


I am starting to develop an app for Jira cloud and I am researching what is the strategy to update atlaskit components in the cloud.

So does someone know when Jira cloud or Confluence cloud adopt a new release for some atlaskit component?

Is there a fixed set of components (like AUI) that all cloud products use or every product has its own version of atlaskit components? Is there a place where I can see the version of atlaskit component that is used in Jira Cloud or Confluence cloud?

Chk this for atlaskit component version

Is the latest version always installed on all cloud products(Jira, Confluence)?

I’m sorry I can’t answer your question where to find this information but I’m very interested in why you want to know this.

All the content that you can display is inside an iframe anyway and therefore the component versions of the host product shouldn’t really matter to you. Or would you see such a list more as a “safe to use” list because you have a guarantee these versions are used in production by Atlassian?

Yes, my question is exactly about this - a list with “safe to use” versions. If i try to give the users the same look and feel as Jira on the server I could use the Jira css classes and styles come from the current version of AUI. Now, when I use Atlaskit component in my project it comes with its own styles and functionality.

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I can confirm that Jira and Confluence are not always using the latest version of Atlaskit components. There is also no list of which versions are currently in production use by Atlassian. In general, we upgrade our usage of Atlaskit components incrementally on an as-needed basis.

The latest version of an Atlaskit component is generally your best option in terms of look-and-feel parity with Atlassian products, and the latest version is also definitely the most “safe to use.”


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