How read app properties with forge

How can I read the app properties (/rest/atlassian-connect/1/addons/${addonKey}/properties/${propertyKey}) from forge?

I don’t found scope permissions to read the properties:
const response = await api
return await response.json();

But I got
Access to the resource was denied due to missing scope grants.Your app was granted the following scopes

What can I do?


since you’re using Forge, you might try to utilize their Properties API.

There should be enough examples there to get you rolling.


Hi @s.stamprath, thank you for reaching out.
If I understand correctly, you are trying access Connect application’s property from you Forge application. Unfortunately, App properties cannot be shared or read by other apps.

What is your use case? Perhaps, you could use jira settings api to set/get your application properties:


@ljarzabek ljarzabek
Thank you. Our use case is: We has a connect plugin. It stores global settings in the app propertys. Here the rest I talk about:

Now we create cloud custom fields with forge and must read this settings. In forge exists apis for issues and projects properties ( But not for app settings.

Is there a solution for my case?

Hi @s.stamprath,
Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to access your connect app properties from Forge app. Would it be possible for you to migrate those properties manually?

I would suggest to use rest api for Jira settings for getting/setting new app properties in Forge.

hi @ljarzabek. What do you mean with migrating the settings? I can’t set my own settings (keys) in the jira settings. How helps me that api you suggested?

Hi @s.stamprath, my idea was to use api for getting/setting new app properties for your Forge app.
Unfortunately, as I mentioned in my previous message, it isn’t possible to access Connect app properties from Forge app.
As far I understood, you have to somehow read those properties and by “migration” I meant creating those settings (properties) you already have for Connect, for Forge application using aforementioned REST API.

but you cannot save you own properties with this:

And I have no other rest api where I can save settings how I read write with connect and forge (expect properties on project or issue).

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Hi @s.stamprath, sorry for late response. You’re right, it’s my mistake with that API I mentioned earlier.
Maybe you could try user properties?
You could set properties for you Connect App user and later read them with the Forge app (ensure you have proper oauth scopes set).