How To Access JIRA's REST API from Backend?

Hi, I am trying to develop a plugin using React frontend and Spring Boot backend. In that, I need to get details from JIRA using JIRA’s REST API from the backend. But I am not having the user’s session to access the REST APIs. Can you please let me know how can I access the JIRA REST APIs from Java side suing the logged in user’s session?

Hi @ShenbagaMurugan,

Have you seen the README of atlassian-connect-spring-boot? More specifically, the “Making API requests to the product as the add-on”-section? There it says:

As you’re saying you want to perform a request as a given user, make sure your descriptor contains the ACT_AS_USER scope and use the client like this:

    .getForObject("/rest/api/example", Void.class);

Hope this helps!


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Thanks a lot. We are now able to call the REST APIs. We were searching for this in the official documentation. But found it in the README :slight_smile: