How to access method getContributorSet()


I try to make a user macro in Confluence that should list all contributors of a page with their user profile picture.
My issue is that I can’t figure out how to access the method getContributorSet().
For your info, I am not a real developer. This might explain that :pensive:

Well, I managed to get something:

#set($contentEntityObjectDao= $containerContext.getComponent(‘contentEntityObjectDao’))

#set($contributors = $contentEntityObjectDao.getVersionHistorySummary($helper.getPage().id).get(0).getContributorSet())

This returns

[ConfluenceUserImpl{name=‘James.Bond’, key=1b2b765d45bbddc78097cee0345d0067}]

I wonder how to extract and display name of the user in the form of full name like James Bond

Thanks in advance for your help.