How to access to confluence after deploy to Heroku

I developed a plugin for confluence (ACE), I deployed it to Heroku, and there is no error, when i want to access to it redirect me to, also, i can check my web services, i have the json returned, but how to access to views, and web site? how can i test my plugin in production?

Hi @souha,

Have you tried going to “Manage Apps” and installing your app via the “Upload app” dialog? When clicking it, a dialog should open where you only need to paste the URL to your app.

If you’re not seeing this option, please enable development mode as described here:


thank you for reply, my app is deployed on Heroku, not on marketplace, this link is only for upload apps from marketplace, i don’t know haw to access app on Heroku, i can only check atlassian-connect.json and my web services



No, you can upload any app there (as long as the domain has HTTPS). Simply paste in your link in the text field and click on “Upload”. :slight_smile:


@sven.schatter, ah ok thanks, i tried and i have an HTTP 400 error, i will check why…
thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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