How to add a new page to JIRA?

Hi geeks!

This should be a straightforward question - I need to add a new page to JIRA that is accessible from a menu item. (yes, I have already added a menu item).
This new page is going to display content from an external application (iframe I guess).


It seems to me that you probably want a Page module in your descriptor.

Maybe start with a General Page, and look at the other options and let me know if that does what you expect it to do. Good luck!

If you’re talking server and you want to do it through an iframe - the easiest way will be to go with a servlet module and then have the html generated contain the iframe tag. Take a look at

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Hi @rmassaioli, thanks but I am talking about a server version. To give you more context we already have a plugin for cloud JIRA and now trying to port it to server.

Thanks @daniel,

This sounds good - I really need something simple :slight_smile:
The context is that we already have a cloud addon and trying to port it to JIRA server now.
Did you go through this exercise by any chance?