How to add additional information in user hover window any documentation

please help me out to do i tried user format plugin but is not related to this,


What application are you trying to affect? Can you show us what you’re trying to accomplish, perhaps in a screenshot?

i am working on jira server app, i want add some more details in user profile hover.

Hmm, I just answered this elsewhere -

This is a hack I used on my internal instance, not part of a plugin. I override the initCallback function which is part of the Javascript Inline Dialog API -

This is not ‘polite’ but perhaps it can get you on the right direction -

JIRA.userhover.INLINE_DIALOG_OPTIONS.initCallback = function(){
	var dialog = AJS.$('#inline-dialog-' +;
	var username = dialog.find('#avatar-full-name-link').attr('title');
		"url":"https://jira-test.acme.corp/rest/api/2/user/properties/" + username
		AJS.$('#user-hover-email').before('<strong>' + data['value']['location'] + '</strong>');