How to add buttons to locations on SS

I’m new to Jira plugin development. Please excuse me if my question is to silly. I’m trying to develop plugin for our org. For some reason my web items are not displayed it RapidBoard menus. I supposed I’m using wrong locations
Could someone please suggest:

  1. How to add new items to 2 and 3 menus on board ? i.e. which locations should I use? What is the best practices to determine locations in Jira ?

  2. Is it possible to embed buttons on position 1 and 4 ? which locations should be used here ?

Thanks a lot !

The easiest way to find out if there are web fragment locations is to use the web fragment finder. If you can’t find a location that you like there’s always the possibility of adding your own buttons using JavaScript.

For that you would want to create a web resource which requires your JS for a specific context. In your JS you could then add your button using jQuery.

So for example if you wanted to add a button next to the issue edit button that way you would define a web-resource like this:

<web-resource name="Your company custom button" key="your-company-custom-button">
        <resource name="foo.js" type="download" location="resources/foo.js"></resource>

And in your foo.js do something like this:

AJS.toInit(function() {
  var $yourButton = $('<a id="your-button" class="aui-button toolbar-trigger">Something</a>');
  $yourButton.on('click', function() {

Which gives this result: