How to add custom change logs to Issue's history? (Custom UI)


I’m working on Issue panel [Custom UI] and displaying table in it.
Saving data on issue property with: properties.onJiraIssue(issueKey).set(key, value);

On save, I need add custom change logs to issue’s history about add/edit/delete rows, cells in table, is it possible?


Hi @AlexanderStremovksy,

Unfortunately we don’t have any native support within Forge for this functionality but you may be able to use a combination of requestJira from @forge/bridge and one of the Jira Cloud APIs that can be found here:

Hi @DganitZuriel ,

Yes, I’m using @forge/bridge to save data into Issue’s property.
In Jira Cloud API there is no endpoint to add manually custom messages to Issue’s History:

Is there will be endpoint like this?

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Hi @AlexanderStremovksy,

Sorry for the delay responding your message.
Unfortunately, there is no such endpoint at the moment in Jira Cloud API.