How to add data to BuildResultsSummary?

Hi all,

I am trying to add custom data to the results of jobs or plans and am looking for the correct way to do it. I’ve tried through a PostJobAction which seems like a good candidate for my use case. I’m adding elements to buildResultsSummary.getExtraBuildResultsData().getBuildErrors(), but the data is not persisted. It does display correctly until bamboo restarts.

Any hints appreciated.

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Strangely enough, if I try to mess up with build state at this point, it is correctly persisted.

Could not figure this out. Instead decided to keep the data in my own table, have a custom panel to display what I want and register to BuildResultDeletedEvent and ChainResultDeletedEvent to expire the data in line with Bamboo’s expiration policy.

I still have to perform all the necessary tests to see if everything works as expected for expiration. The rest is correct.

How did you create a table in your custom web panel?

Created an Active Objects table where my plugin stores the needed data, the panel context provider then fetches what is necessary from this table in the getContextMap method