How to add developers to an app?

I’ve created an app in Atlassian Developer to OAuth users for the Jira REST API, and I can’t find any options to share access to configure the app with the rest of my team. What is the best way to give developers access to an app in Atlassian?

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@jasonacrider - 3LO apps/integrations defined on are defined/managed on a per-developer basis. If you’re building a 3LO app that needs to be managed/shared at a team level, we recommend creating a separate account.

Thanks, we’ll make a separate account and application.

It seems weird that for production apps a company would need to create a new account and then share the logins with the team. I get that it’s not super likely to need a lot of developers to manage, but it still feels like missing functionality to me to not be able to give/revoke access to it via email or something. If we wanted to revoke a developer’s access, we’d have to change the password for the account and re-share it with everyone but that developer.

@jasonacrider thanks for your feedback. Organizational management of apps exists on the Marketplace level (for server P2 & cloud Connect apps). This area that we’re discussing is one that the ecosystem platform team is aware of, and does have some plans to address in the future.


Hi, any news on this topic or would you still have to create a separate account and share it with everyone to configure the OAuth apps?

Hi, any news on this topic? We’d like to create an app that can be installed per atlassian organization (and not request authorization for each user). Is this at all possible?