How to add/edit/replace customField allowedValues using REST API

We’re switching from an internal DB to Jira. Our Jira instance has hundreds of custom fields, many with a selection of input values, sometimes 100s of them per field. I’d like to import/copy the possible values defined in our internal DB to Jira using the REST API. I’ve done so successfully for the native “components” field but I am struggling to find a way to do this for custom fields.
It seems Jira Cloud has APIs to add custom field options and then tie them together using allowedValues but I have failed to find something similar for Jira Server.

Any pointers or ideas would be appreciated.


Hi @uxwalter

in my app Extender for Jira you have full ability to manage custom fields through REST API → Custom fields

Alternatively you can try to write this REST API yourself, which makes it possible in Java or in Groovy (using the Script Runner app or any other application that supports groovy code)


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This Plugin provides all missing REST APIs to manage Customfield Options for Server/DC and works with contexts.

See the REST API Doc here: REST API Documentation - Customfield Editor for Jira · codeclou

See the sync external DB blogpost: Sync your external database values with Jira customfield options via Customfield Editor for Jira REST API and Node.js · codeclou Blog

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