How to add functionality in the comment issue page

Hi Everyone,

I am new to JIRA plugin development.
Could you please guide me the steps or reference to follow for creating a Plugin which will work in the comment issue page?


I would want to develop a feature like “User Mention”. When the user types the symbol ‘#’, I would want to show some custom list that I have ( In future it may come from DB) as a dropdown list then the user can select the item from the list.

I would also want to know that what item has been selected by the user for the issue in server side.

Thanks in advance.

You’re interested in this page tree of development articles:

These should answer any question you have about customizing the RTE in JIRA.

Thanks sfbehnke. Let me follow the tutorial and see whether I can implement that.


I was able to implement the feature when user types ‘#’ symbol in the comment field and show the list of custom names after that when the user selects the list I am just replacing the content with some placeholder. Example {#name}.

Now the problem is
When I save the comment, it is showing as it is. How would I change the renderer to transform the above content to name (HTML anchor tag)

Please give me some guidance to implement the above.

Thanks in advance