How to add or (if given) get the addon key of a forge application?

I am working on obtaining the addon key for my Forge application so that I can make API requests related to app properties. It seems that either this platform does not support addon keys, or there may be a step I need to take to manually add one somewhere. Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate clear instructions online for how to proceed or to find the application key. Could someone please guide me? Thank you very much.

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There are API tokens available to call the Atlassian Cloud REST APIs. Those are unrelated to Forge Apps.

In fact, Forge Apps are “secure by design” because they don’t expose credentials that could be leaked. You simply call requestJira and the auth is automatic. You didn’t mention how you intended to use that API key but you might also be interested in Forge Remote if you are trying to call the APIs outside of the Forge App itself.

Hello, sadly i forgot to mention a couple of details:

(Maybe there are better solutions to this) but we use the app-propeties to store our stuff, since the app only runs on one jira workspace instance. Are there any workspace instance properties in which you can store something and is used for all projects (which are inside the workspace) but are still different to other workspaces?

Yes, app properties. But, given the other context you shared, I think you also intend to share these properties across your Connect & Forge apps, which wouldn’t work for app properties. As the docs indicate, the available entity properties do not include anything that is site or workspace global:

  • Comments
  • Dashboard items
  • Issues
  • Issue types
  • Projects
  • Users
  • Workflow transitions

Given your Connect to Forge journey, I think Forge Remote is the right way to share that kind of context between the “sides” of your app.

Is there any way this can be added as a feature? A property entity for workspaces in which has different properties stored than

Hey @C11,

It would be great to connect to learn more about your experiences moving from Connect to Forge - I’ll share a private message to follow up on this.

If you’re replacing your Connect app with an equivalent Forge app, you will need to declare the Connect app key which you’ve previously used in your manifest (similar to below).

  id: ari:cloud:ecosystem::app/app-id
    remote: connect
    authentication: jwt

There are two sets of app properties - those for Connect and those for Forge. Once your Connect app key has been declared in Forge, you will be able to query the existing Connect API with your defined Connect key to retrieve app properties which had been set from your Forge app.

Forge has a similar set of app property apis which can be used t set these and later retrieve them through the app context variables.

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