How to add web section into issue view page?

Dear JIRA developers,
I am trying to add new web section into issue view page, but I could not find out the location of the page.

When I tried to add web section into admin plugin, it works as expected

	<web-section name="J-Tricks Section" i18n-name-key=""
		key="j-tricks-section" location="admin_plugins_menu" weight="1000">
		<description key="j-tricks-section.description">The J-Tricks Section Plugin</description>
		<label key="j-tricks-section.label" />
	<web-item name="J-Tricks Link" i18n-name-key=""
		key="j-tricks-link" section="admin_plugins_menu/j-tricks-section"
		<description key="j-tricks-link.description">The J-Tricks Link Plugin</description>
		<label key="j-tricks-link.label" />
		<link linkId="j-tricks-link-link"></link>

Any help will be highly appreciated.


Follow this tutorial:

In the end, if you want your section on the left side instead of the right side, just change the module location in you plugin.xml from “atl.jira.view.issue.right.context” to “atl.jira.view.issue.left.context”

In any case (for the future), if you want to find the location of something in Jira, install the following plugin:

It will reveal for you all the locations in jira, made my life much easier!
Make sure to install it on staging or dev environment, NOT PRODUCTION!