How to call a soap webservice

Hi there
we are trying to integrate our invoicing program so that the time log could be synced.
Unfortunately we only could access soap webservices. As far as I understand we have to use the - but in this case it is no possible to make a soap call.
Any advice how we can access our soap services?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @sCHween ,

This is an interesting question. The Forge Fetch API is basically the same as node-fetch so I would have thought it would be possible to make SOAP calls. Are you able to explain the problems you’re seeing in more detail? In addition, it might be possible for you to use a Node library such as Soap.


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Hi @dmorrow
sorry for the late response.
Seems to work to do the calls - thanks a lot.
Do you have a hint for me on a caching perspective.
As we are fetching mainly master data from the soap call I would like to cache the response.

Regards, sCHween