How to call up modal popup in forge

To call modal popup in Forge requires using ModalDialog. Then where is the function Code that I have to implement to display the modal popup. Thanks

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Is this for Forge CustomUI or Forge UIKit?

Great that you are tapping into the community knowledge! Welcome! And in case this is helpful to other new Forge developers, I’m adding to Codegeist? #codegeist-2021

@DennyMiller , Thanks for getting back to me. I think it is Forge UI Kit. Am working with this tutorials. Forge for confluence

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Sorry @NkemjikaGwacham , I can’t help with UI-Kit (One of the reasons we opted to use CustomUI was due to limitations of controlled/uncontrolled components such as modal popups, sizing, setting data state).
Hopefully someone with some more UIKit experience will be able to help

Hi @NkemjikaGwacham :slight_smile:

This example should help you