How to change status of Jira API app from in development

I just created a new widget in my application to connect with Jira API. I successfully created the widget in my application, but I can’t deploy my changes because my Jira application status is “In development”. I tried finding info on this in documentation but didn’t see anything. How can I get my status changed?

Hi, @derekjosepholson,

3LO authentication functionality is currently in developer preview. During the developer preview, grants can only be authorized from the developer’s account (that is, by the owner of the app).

We are aiming to allow apps to be deployed to all users by the end of November 2018. To be notified please watch this ticket

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has this been solved? I created an app here:
in the documentation it says I need to setup OATH 2.0 for “other integrations”.
I created an app an I can not take into production? really weird stuff