How to check Add-ons permission in space settings programmatically

Hey Guys!

I’m working on developing a feature about checking whether users have appropriate permission to update custom content. To be permitted on updating custom content, the user must be granted appropriate permission on General(Space Settings > Space Permissions > General) permission, and also have the right permission on Add-ons permission(Space Settings > Space Permissions > Apps). I can check on the General side by calling the REST API, but I’m having difficulties trying to figure out how can we check the permission on Apps side. I can’t find any API that can do the trick.

The Apps permission is what we will define in CustomContent module in our descriptor, whenever a user or group has been added into a space permission settings, the Apps permission seems not to be automatically granted, and must be set by user manually. It would be helpful if we are able to check on the Apps permission programmatically and guide our user to update the permission.

Any help/advice would be appreciated!
Thank you!

Alright, I was being silly. We can actually check the app permission in the permissions list of Space API /wiki/rest/api/space/{spaceKey}?expand=permissions. All the permission for the particular space has been listed down in the response payload, we just need to extract the detail from it.