How to circumvent SSO in this developer community site and login as a different user?

For this developer community, is there any easy way to circumvent the SSO associated with Community and MyAtlassian, so that I can login as a different user in the user and developer communities, vs MyAtlassian?

Why, you ask?

Our login for is actually a company distribution list, with multiple recipients. I use the community login to post individual questions, and the responses shouldn’t go everyone.

As a workaround, I managed to login as “me” to the user community and as “company” to, by logging out of both sites and then logging in first to the community, then to

But the cookies seem to expire really quickly, since after a couple of days I had to re-login to the community. (This was cumbersome, since I first had to logout of

I’m sorry but that is currently not possible.

I’ll make a note of it and put it on our backlog.

Thanks for asking.


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Any news or solution to this?