How to clean up offline agents list in Bamboo


We are facing issues with offline agents by hitting as we have huge turnaround of agents on HPC cluster.

Just wondering if anyone could help if it is possible to remove offline agents programmatically using or Script Runner or additional custom developed add-on.

Any API documentation about that area?

Thanks in advance,

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Just quickly to encircle your scenario and resulting options:

  1. So this are regular remote agents but are semantically treated as ephemeral, i.e. once an agent goes offline it is considered terminated/gone?
  2. Are you in a position to offload resp. automation to the cloud in general and AWS in particular, or is this a strictly BTF scenario?


Unfortunately they are not.

We can’t utilise AWS as this is on premises servers with thousands of HPC compute nodes 10 thousands core.

Each Agent is unique and will run one job only.

This is causing situation that after 1 month time we had around 40k offline agents which was causing problems in UI and also new agents long registration and job pick up.

Only way was to manually go to agents list, select all offline agents and remove them from system.

Now we are looking to automate that but we don’t know how it is possible to do that.