How to comment a issue 'running as' portal only customer?

Hi team,

Our AC addon is trying to comment on a JSD issue running as a ‘portal only customer’. Although the user can comment on the JSD portal, the user is not allowed to comment through the JIRA rest api /comment (it raises forbidden error).

My questions are:

  1. Is there is JSD rest method to create a comment? I could not find it here
  2. How can we tell from the REST responses that a user is a ‘portal only customer’ and not a regular user. I would need to know this in order to select between a JIRA add comment or a JSD add comment

Related tho this, something odd that happened last week but looks fixed now it’s that the method


was returning the user so our addon assumed the JSD only user was able to comment the issue. Some customers started to see the forbidden error when our addon was adding comments on behalf of that user. Now it looks fixed? The user is not returned anymore? Was any change related to issue permissions regarding JSD?


The /user/permission search in one of our customers is returning a false positive response (by returning the user) when asking if the portal only user has COMMENT_ISSUE permission for the given issue. Then, the add comment fails with forbidden error.


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@gjoseph can you help out Fernando?

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You can use the following JSD API Endpoint for creating comments:

What do you mean with “tell from the REST responses…”. Which endpoints and responses are you talking about?

Hi @pvandevoorde, thank you for your link.

What I mean is how to know that a user is Portal only user from /user rest method. I would need to know this in order to select which add comment method I can use (JIRA or JSD).

Do you know why
rest/api/2/user/permission/searchusername=TheJSDOnlyUser&permissions=COMMENT_ISSUE&issueKey=TheIssueKey returns the portal only user if I cannot create a comment running as that user is through JIRA Rest (Forbidden error)? We also add entity properties when creating comments. I think it’s not possible to create a comment with properties when calling JSD add comment rest method.

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